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Social Responsibility

At Grupo Ambar, our people are fundamental to our sustainable vision of the future. That is why we address the following key premises:

  • We foster an internal environment that promotes the integral development of our talent, and that reflects our commitment to inclusion, diversity, and equal opportunities for all.
  • We permanently monitor and improve the lives of our collaborators by creating a safe workplace. We continually offer education programs on health, safety and a work environment that promote the prevention of diseases and occupational accidents.

As a sign of this commitment, Santo Domingo Motors was acknowledged in 2020 by the National Disability Council (CONADIS) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) as a company that carries out good inclusive practices for people with disabilities in the Dominican Republic. It was awarded the RD Incluye certification. Similarly, in March 2021 an agreement was signed with the Ministry of Women and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to obtain the Igualando RD certification for Santo Domingo Motors and Motor Crédito.

Motorambar has been recognized Best Employers in Puerto Rico consecutively since 2013. Best Employers is a recognition awarded by Kincentric to local companies for their excellence in human resources practices.

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