Social Responsibility

We are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment for future generations, through the responsible use of resources, the use of renewable energy and the final disposal of the materials we use. Much of this is channeled through our Ambiente Ambar program.

  • Solar panels, Branch Kennedy

    Solar panels, Branch Kennedy

  • Solar panels, Branch Kennedy

What is Ambiente Ambar?

Logo Ambiente AmbarAs part of our commitment to the environment, Grupo Ambar classifies and recycles materials generated by our operations and promotes the use of clean energy. These initiatives are promoted by the Ambiente Ambar program.

This program serves as a platform to coordinate actions, initiatives and projects that are oriented towards taking care of the environment. Ambiente Ambar aims to educate and raise awareness among our employees and customers about the environmental impact of solid waste and the importance of reducing it. It also works towards classifying and recycling all possible materials.

Each department and all employees participate in some way. Plastic from all departments, lead from used batteries from the service center and paper and newspapers from the offices are recycled. In addition, educational talks are organized for employees and a facility center exists to collect recyclable material.

In Puerto Rico, 90% of energy consumed by Grupo Ambar comes from solar power. In the Dominican Republic this consumption represents 25%. Both operations reduce the emission of CO2 into the environment by an average of 1,400,000 kg per year.

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