Social Responsibility

We promote education and road safety, based on good habits and responsible driving. We also encourage innovation about the future of mobility in the countries where we operate.

Grupo Ambar: Educacion

We support education in the Dominican Republic through Fundación Abriendo Camino.

In Puerto Rico, the Motorambar Charity Golf Tournament has been held annually since 2004 for the benefit of non-profit entities. Over the past years, this initiative has raised and delivered more than half a million dollars to non-profit entities in Puerto Rico.

What is Fundación Abriendo Camino?

Logo Fundacion Abriendo Camino It is a non-profit organization that Grupo Ambar actively supports since its inception in 2002.

Fundación Abriendo Camino works in Villas Agrícolas, a marginal sector that is part of Santo Domingo’s poverty belt. The foundation organizes educational and cultural activities aimed at the integral development of children and adolescents such as literacy, up to grade level classes, artistic and civic values education, computer science and environmental education. The foundation is also a collaborating center of the Institute of Professional Technical Training (INFOTEP) and offers courses in electronics, computer science and accounting to facilitate the insertion of young people and adults in the labor market.

Most recently, at the beginning of 2020, Grupo Ambar signed a strategic alliance with Fundación Abriendo Camino to support an environmental education program, to raise awareness and educate children and adolescents about the importance of caring for the environment and so sustainable practices become a way of life.

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