Ambar Motors

  • Headquarters, Infanta and 23

    Headquarters, Infanta and 23

  • Headquarters, Infanta and 23

Ambar Motors began its operations in 1939, with the distribution in Cuba of the Chevrolet and Cadillac vehicle lines of General Motors. Ambar Motors’ facilities in Infanta and 23, included a large sales room, a repair shop and a large warehouse for spare parts.

The Vía Blanca Technical Center, recognized throughout the island for its technological advances, was responsible for the local assembly of vehicles.

In 1959, when private property was eradicated in Cuba, Ambar Motors and its affiliated companies were confiscated by the government of Fidel Castro. Shortly after this, the Barletta family left Cuba, along with a part of their employees, who faithfully continued working for their companies in both Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

Ambar Motors

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  • Chevrolet
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